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American Society of Home Inspectors

We provide in-depth, narrative style inspection reports complete with digital color photos, delivered electronically in 24 hours. Only an ASHI Inspector can provide clients with a professional, personalized inspection that combines 28 years of nationally recognized technical standards along with a code of ethics and the very best in customer services, education and satisfaction.

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  • Interview at least three inspectors - ask for sample reports
  • Ask for referrals from friends or co-workers
  • Choose an ASHI certified, state licensed and professionally insured inspector
  • Don't shop inspectors on price - you will live with your purchase decision for a long time!
  • Work with your Realtor to schedule the inspection at least a week before the closing
  • Plan to attend the inspection - bring a list of questions
  • Walk with the inspector - ask for an on-site review


"If you are not satisfied with the inspection or the report, I'll return the fee."

Home Inspection Services


Arizona State Board of Technical Registration


  • Clean the home, maintain the yard
  • Provide documents detailing home improvements, upgrades and/or maintenance projects
  • Plan to be away for 2-3 hours during the inspection - your buyers need time in the home to visualize it as their own!
  • Remember, most inspectors arrive slightly before the scheduled appointment
  • Make sure pets are considered and made safe during the inspection

Get the most from your Professional Home Inspection!


  • Encourage scheduling of the inspection at least one week prior to close
  • Work with the sellers to make sure all utilities, appliances, electrical breakers, pilot lights and HVAC systems are turned on prior to inspection
  • Keep parties informed on inspection times and changes in schedule