Who are professional home inspectors?

Professional home inspectors are highly educated, trained, and skilled observers and educators who possess broad technical knowledge about the systems and components of a home and the skills necessary to apply that knowledge. At present (2006) about twenty-eight states have some form of regulation of home inspectors ranging from simple registration to extremely restrictive requirements. The majority of the states that have chosen to regulate home inspectors do so through some form of registration or licensing that requires inspectors to meet specific experience and education criteria; to be tested on specific minimum technical knowledge and skills; and to adhere to a standard of practice.

Professional home inspectors are highly skilled interpreters. Homes speak for themselves and a competent inspector knows how to “listen.” But it’s not enough just to be a skilled listener; a competent home inspector is also a master interpreter who knows how to translate the information the home provides so that buyers clearly understand the information that the inspector has developed in the course of the inspection.

Professional home inspectors do not offer to perform modifications or corrective measures to address any conditions determined in the course of performing an inspection. If a real estate professional or a buyer needs the names of qualified professionals to perform any work, inspectors who choose to provide guidance in this area should provide the names of at least three qualified individuals or companies or suggest using the telephone book Yellow Pages under the appropriate heading