Do inspectors need to be engineers?

The training and experience of professional engineers is necessarily narrow and highly specialized. In many states the governmental agency that regulates the practice of engineering has the power to suspend or revoke the licenses of professional engineers who are found to be performing services beyond their competency, training, or education. This means that engineers cannot provide engineering evaluations of the multiple diverse systems in a home unless they are specifically educated, trained, and experienced in the evaluation of each of those systems. This does not mean that professional engineers cannot be competent professional home inspectors. It simply means that, unless they meet the criteria outlined above, they cannot claim to be performing an engineering evaluation of all of the systems in a home.

While many professional home inspectors have backgrounds in building construction, engineering, or other related fields and they bring their knowledge to bear on their work as inspectors, in the final analysis, all professional home inspectors bring their own unique perspectives, knowledge, training, and skills to every inspection they perform. That is what makes them professionals