What about inspection report formats?

There is no one “right” inspection report format. Some professional home inspectors produce a report in a checklist with narrative format while other inspectors produce computer-generated reports. Any inspection report should reflect that the inspection has been performed in accordance with a standard of professional practice and should cover all of the components and conditions present in the home and listed for inspection in that standard with in the limitations set forth in the standard and in the inspection contract.

Reports should be user-friendly, that is, they should be easy to read and understand. The information should be well-arranged, clear, provide perspective, and any recommendations should be clear and direct. While some reports may also include a summary, it is extremely important that buyers not read just the summary but that they read the entire report before making any decisions that may be affected by the information contained in the report. Only by reading the entire report can they get the full benefit if the inspection and report.