Should buyers attend inspections?

Yes, buyers are encouraged to meet with the inspector at the home inspection. It is important to dress appropriately and to bring a clipboard or other sturdy writing surface, a writing pad, and a pen to take maintenance notes during the inspection. To ensure that buyers get the full benefit of the inspection requires that they give the inspector their undivided attention.

A professional inspection is not a place for small children or for conducting other business such as reviewing or signing loan, title, insurance, or other real estate related documents, reviewing operational instructions for security systems, meeting with contractors or estimators, or for conducting negotiations based on the results of the inspection. A professional inspector is responsible for the home when the occupants are not present. Typically, when an inspection is complete, buyers should be prepared to leave with the inspector. All parties must leave the home at the conclusion of the inspection unless the inspector has specific instructions to the contrary from the seller, occupants, or appropriate real estate professional.